There are a number of things that both the preceptor and the student can do prior to the placement in preparation for the first day.

Click here for the Student Orientation Checklist (PDF)

If you know who your student will be and are able to contact them, reach out the night before their first shift and discuss the following:

  • What is appropriate to wear
  • Where to park, what entrance to use, and which elevator to take
  • The location of the on-site cafeteria or if they will need to bring their own food for their break(s)

Try to meet the student when they arrive and give them a tour or orientation to the floor/unit.  Introduce them to other staff members and show them where certain items are located.  If not done prior to the first day, take some time to get to know each other.

It is useful for the student and the preceptor to share information regarding their preferences in the areas of communication strategies, teaching and learning styles, learning objectives, how feedback will be provided, and time management issues related to the specific placement. This provides the preceptor and student with an opportunity to share something about themselves with each other, preemptively identify areas where possible problems may arise, and negotiate key aspects of the relationship at the beginning of the placement prior to the first client encounter.