2008- The first Robert Wood Johnson (RWJF) grant through the Partners Investing in Nursing’s Future (PIN) program helps to establish the Center at UW.  The Center issues nursing recruitment and retention project grants for nursing and sponsors the annual statewide Nursing Summit.

2009- First recruitment and retention projects are funded: Preparing Clinical Preceptors for Wyoming Healthcare Facilities; Building Nursing Confidence and Competencies: Recruitment, Retention and Satisfaction of Wyoming RN’s Through the Use of Internship and Residency; Nursing Work Place Improvement Project: CNA Mentorship Program; Succession Plan for Public Health Nursing; Improving Nurse Retention through New Graduate Program; and Wyoming Nursing Leadership Institute (WNLI which is currently hosting the 7th cohort of nurses). The Center receives funding through the Wyoming Workforce Development Council (WWDC) to increase awareness of nursing and redesign nursing education.

2010- Revolutionizing Nursing Education in Wyoming (ReNEW) begins as a joint project between Wyoming community colleges and the University of Wyoming.  The Center hosts first Nursing Education Summit and continues to host the Nursing Education Summit annually.

2011- The Center received a second RWJF PIN grant. The Center collaborates with the Area Health Education Center (AHEC) to develop a summer camp for high school students interested in healthcare careers.  The Center becomes the Action Coalition for Wyoming, a nationwide effort to address the Future of Nursing recommendations.

2012- The Center hosts a meeting for nurses throughout Wyoming evaluating a statewide response to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Future of Nursing report.

2013- The Center conducts a workforce study on RN mobility in Wyoming and interest in BSN nursing education with a 2nd grant from the WWDC. The Center also receives its first RWJF State Implementation Project (SIP) grant, which continues the development of ReNEW.

2014-.  First draft of the ReNEW curriculum is sent to colleges for review.  A report on the Day in the Life of an APRN is finalized.

2015- The Center creates “snapshots” focused on the nurse and nursing student population in Wyoming in collaboration with the Wyoming State Board of Nursing.  The Center receives its 2nd RWJF SIP grant to support ReNEW.   Online preceptor training program is developed to enhance the clinical experience of student nurses throughout Wyoming. This program is available to any nurse preceptors in Wyoming.  Clinical toolkits are developed to help faculty with concept based clinical experiences.

2016- ReNEW BSN curriculum is launched at the University of Wyoming and six Wyoming Community College nursing programs. ReNEW receives the Wyoming Nurses Association President’s Award.  The Center conducts a state wide survey identifying what boards nurses are serving on in Wyoming.